Start Detoxifying Today!

do it yourself detoxification

Assisting your body’s natural detoxification process can begin today. Quite simply, you do have control over what you put in your body, some of what you breathe and wear.

Our bodies come into contact with toxins in several ways — what we breathe, what our bodies comes into contact with (absorbed through the skin), and what we eat. Being proactive means changing out the bad habits for good.

Follow a whole, organic food diet. Processed, over-cooked, chemical doused fruits and vegetables can’t compare to clean, whole foods. Nutritionally, uncooked vegetables and fruits provide the highest level of vitamins and minerals. Start incorporating these foods into your diet. Not all of your whole fruits and vegetables have to be organic, to see a list of the most important to buy organic, click here. 

Drink lots of spring water. But pay attention to the source and container. Avoid plastic if possible — BPA isn’t worth messing with — and stick to glass. It’s safer, and your arm gets a little more of workout.

Fire the sugar. For real. One of the best things you can do for your body is to eliminate sugar from your life. Sugar deceptive sweetness can cause horrible health issues.  From diabetes to cancer food, sugar just isn’t worth the risks.

Start your detoxification today by taking these three simple steps. Commit to these changes for two weeks and assess how you feel. We’re sure you’ll feel the difference. 

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