Detoxification, quite literally, is the physiological process of the body as it transforms and removes “products.”

detox system

Products, or toxins, as we’ll refer to them, enter our bodies several ways; ingestion (eat/drink), inhalation (inhale/breathe), and absorption (through skin). Environmentally toxic sources include air, food, water, medicines, product, as well as products produced by our physiological functions; digestion, tissue regeneration, energy metabolism, and “end products from the metabolism of hormones, bacterial by-products and other complex molecules.” detox phases

The process of transforming all toxins into a form suitable for elimination is called biotransformation. The process of detoxification is very complex and occurs in several steps.

The first phase of detoxification requires the body to process the toxic material into non-toxic metabolites. Once the non-toxic metabolites are water soluble, the body goes into phase two of detoxification in which the organs are able to eliminate the products.

Although the liver is the primary organ involved with detoxification, the kidneys, lungs, intestines and skin also take part in the process.

This detoxification process sounds simple, but our bodies are wildly complex. Supporting the body with good nutrition while it performs these biological functions is fundamentally important.

Optimal health requires balance. If we could only glimpse beneath our skin and watch the body innately perform, we would  be much more concerned with how we treat our bodies.

While the body is constantly detoxifying itself, following a program that fully supports your body’s ability to detox optimally makes sense.detox phase 1 support

Gut and intestine issues, headaches, migraines, inflammation, weight issues, unclear thinking, poor sleep, and so many other symptoms are strong indicators that it may be time for you to consider supporting your body better.

DeTox 360 was created by Linda Clark, MA/CNC after years of research to uncover her own health issues. Linda has a simple approach to health—your body will treat you as well as you treat it.

DeTox 360 is a 4 week program and includes nutritional support from Apex Energetics, weekly meetings, check-ins with Linda, and much more.

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