Should You Detox from Fast Food

fast food

When done right, detoxification includes eliminating the unhealthy foods from our diets. Check out the following statistics.

Children are suffering from diseases at higher levels that are typically associated with adults: high cholesterol, high triglycerides, insulin resistance and even diabetes.

The news doesn’t get any better in that obesity has more than doubled for both adults and teens and nearly tripled for school age children.

Detoxification for children does not have to be harsh, but it could be the best thing we do for the health of our children.

According to federal government statistics, “adult men and women are roughly one inch taller than they were in 1960, but 25 pounds heavier on average.”

Children who are overweight are over 40% more likely to be obese as adults!

We eat one-third of our meals away from home and the vast majority of those meals are eaten at fast-food restaurants. Consumption of fresh foods is down by almost 65% and the average American eats less than two servings of both fruits and vegetables per day. One quarter of those servings comes from fried potatoes or french fries. That doesn’t actually count as a vegetable—it’s a starch.

Consumption of processed foods has increased 1,000%– this includes canned fruits, freeze-dried vegetables, hydrogenated fats and oils. (

The Research is In

Not surprisingly, Science Daily reported back in 2005 that there is a “clear link between increased fast-food consumption and obesity.”

A study at the University of Minnesota and the Children’s Hospital in Boston showed a two-fold increase in pre-diabetes and weight gain in children consuming fast foods at least twice a week. 

Know What You Eat

Note the difference between the calories and nutrients in a McDonald’s sandwich and that same sandwich teamed with a soft drink and French fries:

McDonald’s Sandwich: McDonald’s Extra Value Meal:

Total fat 48g. Sandwich 750 calories

Saturated fat 20g.

Cholesterol 165g. French fries 230-500 calories

Sodium 1450g.

Carbohydrate 38g. Soft drink 150-310 calories

Fiber 2g.

Sugars 9g. Total calories 1130-1560 calories

Protein 46g.

Calories 760

From fat 430

From protein 184

From carb 146

Contrast this with a McDonald’s salad offering which may contain 320 calories full of nutrients.

Begin a simple detoxification by eliminating visits to fast food establishments, or at least, begin cutting back. Forego the large meals and cut out the fries. That step alone is a great start.

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