The first medical textbook—an ancient Chinese guide called the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, written 2300 years ago, declares that “a superior healer is one who treats a disease before it shows symptoms, while an inferior one treats a disease only after it has manifested pain or discomfort.”acupncure

While acupuncture is a traditional treatment, one of the goals of acupuncture is to detoxify the body.

Acupuncture is a detoxing process that provides us with a comprehensive understanding of our body, and helps to restore the balance of Qi (pronounced chi) or the vital life energy force that harmonizes and nourishes the functions of the body.

Scientific evidence that Acupuncture can be an effective way to treat chronic health conditions and prevent serious illnesses including cancer, has led the FDA to approve acupuncture needles as a medical device. Some people feel the needles as they go in, and some people feel nothing. However, it is a signal from your body on the presence of toxins. Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners say that pain is evidence that detoxification of the body is taking place. They say the more toxins you have, the stronger you will feel the effect. So even if there is pain involved in acupuncture, you are targeting the problem to ensure healing, instead of suffering from ongoing pain that could lead to something worse.

To some, just talking about needles is enough to send chills down the spine. However, avoiding this pain is like waiting to dig a well after you’re thirsty, a common problem in Western medicine.

DeTox 360 doesn’t use needles, but could certainly be used in conjunction with acupuncture.