Detoxification for Gut and Brain Health


Detoxification can improve not only your physical well being, but there’s strong evidence to show that it can also improve your psyche as well.

In a study conducted at the University of Calgary, and published last week in the Journal of Neuroscience, the research team showed that probiotics could be responsible for altering the communication between the immune system and the brain in mice with behavioral symptoms of chronic inflammatory disease. 

In a human study, published in Brain, Behavior and Immunity, researchers discovered that “multi-species probiotics had a positive effect on mood after four weeks of supplementation.” Clearly, gut health is critical for a healthy brain.

Most of us know that probiotics are essential for gut health, and with these studies it’s clear that our gut has the ability to really make us suffer.

Knowing how important gut health is to our total body, detoxifying during the year seems like a wise choice. There are many other food choices you can make on a daily basis that support gut health, but if your gut is out of balance, detoxification is a perfect choice.

Once you’ve brought your system back into a healthy balance, probiotic supplementation and wise food choices will keep you feeling, and thinking, positively.