For many, taking back your health begins with a detoxification program. As though reclaiming one’s health wasn’t challenging enough, choosing the right detoxification program can be equally confusing, even daunting. Knowing where to start, or how to start or when to start all add to the confusion and often prevent the most stalwart of us from taking the plunge. Once upon a time, our world was a simpler place to live. But with so many options, technology and advertisers vying for our dollars, it’s simply overwhelming when it comes to taking back control of our health. A detoxification program truly is the best, and first place to start the journey.

detoxification rids the body of toxins

detoxification rids the body of toxins

Detoxification programs come in many shapes and sizes, but if you’re serious about getting healthy, there really is only one choice—a lifestyle change. A lifestyle change that includes the way you eat, when you eat and what you eat is the starting place. The detoxification phase is meant to start the process of ridding your body of the accumulation of chemicals that have been building for years. Detoxification isn’t as bad as it sounds. The first few days can be challenging. You’re not only breaking mental habits, your also breaking physical addictions. Not unlike the experience of an alcoholic, your body will be breaking addictions to chemicals that have been controlling the functions of your body for a very long time.

For a detoxification to be effective, you truly have to commit to going through the process. The DeTox 360 program is a month long program designed teach you new, healthy ways of treating your body, building your health, and changing a lifetime of habits and traditions that no longer serve you.

The DeTox 360 program will teach you how to choose the right foods, how to prepare them and how to nourish your body naturally. You’ll enjoy fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, prepared in ways that give your body life-sustaining nourishment. You’ll learn to taste your food again. You’ll find new energy, get better sleep and discover greater appreciation for your own body.

DeTox 360 is not a pill or drink you take for a few weeks. DeTox 360 is the start of a new way of living. To find out more about DeTox 360, contact our office for a free 15 minute consultation with the creator of the program.