There may be more to gluten than gut issues; gluten may be responsible for psychiatric disorders like depression and schizophrenia.

According to Dr. Hadjivassiliou, “gluten sensitivity can be primarily, and at times, exclusively, a neurological disease”.

gluten free

The doctor explains in an article in The Epoch Times (online), that since the 1950s, studies have observed a connection between schizophrenia and Celiac disease, and these observations suggest that the role of the immune system as it relates to psychiatric disorders is still not clearly understood.

In the same article he mentions cases for several people who suffered from depression, but did not have intestinal problems. The patients followed a gluten-free diet for several months. One of the patients was able to stop her depression medication after only two months of making the change.

He also points to dairy as a potential culprit. He suggests that, if you’re suffering from psychiatric issues, try a pure gluten and dairy free diet for at least one month to help determine if gluten and dairy are, indeed, part of the problem.

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