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We’re seeing more and more serious health issues linked to chemical exposure. These problems include chemicals that we face every day, in nearly every environment.

NBC News reported on the link between early menopause in women and 15 specific chemicals. (read story here)

From the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the foods we eat, chemicals have found their way into our world.

CBS reported a story about a probably link between chemicals in plastic containers to birth defects in boys’ genitals. (read story here)

These are simply a few of the reasons that DeToxing, and living a clean and healthy lifestyle are important to your good health.

Scientific American reported a story on the level of chemicals found in the blood from several newborns’ umbilical chords. Including the very harmful BPA found in many bottled water containers. (read story here)

healthy detoxificationWith DeTox 360, you’ll learn what to look for in your environment and learn ways to best avoid what is within your control.

Starting March 2, we’re offering a new DeTox 360 group ONLINE. We’ll meet once a week–online–for 4 weeks. And by the end of those 4 weeks, you’ll look and feel vibrant. We hope that you’ll take the information you learn in those 4 weeks and continue to practice it throughout your life. After all, good health is a lifelong journey.

To celebrate our new ONLINE program, we invite you to take advantage of a ONE TIME special.

First Time UWA DeTox 360 clients save $75 (normally $450). Only $375. This includes your manual, DVDs, online meetings and supplements.

Returning UWA DeTox 360 clients save $75 as well. Only $300. This includes the online meetings and supplements.

Call to register 916-961-0676

This program was created by Linda Clark, M.A., C.N.C.