Detoxification is simply a better way of treating your body.

body detoxification process

Our bodies naturally work to remove toxins everyday, so detoxification is simply a constantly occurring health condition. The problem is that we generally overwhelm our bodies with toxins faster than our bodies can remove them. In fact, between the environment and the products we apply and ingest, toxins are everywhere.

The liver is the main organ for removing toxins, but the whole body contributes to the process.  Our job is to help our body do its job. So saying that we are detoxifying is absolutely true. We are always in the process of polluting and detoxing.

Headaches, indigestion, inflammation, and a myriad of other health issues is often a result of our bodies inability to keep up with the introduction and buildup of toxins.

You’ve heard about the documentary Super Size Me by Morgan Spurlock? He ate three McDonald’s meals each day for a month. Spurlock gained 24 lbs, increased his cholesterol, experienced mood swings and sexual dysfunction, and gained fat around his liver.

Now, most of us aren’t destroying our health with fast food, but there’s plenty that we can do to help support our natural detoxification system.

The DeTox 360 program is designed to get you started on a new way of treating yourself.

To determine if the DeTox 360 program is right for you, contact Linda Clark for a free 15 minute consultation.